Tom’s Transmission & Auto Service is here to help you with all your automotive needs. Below is a list of some of our most popular services. If you don’t see a service you need to be listed, please feel free to give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have. We look forward to showing you the difference between excellent customer service and knowledge can make to your automotive maintenance and repair experience.

  • Auto Repair
  • Automatic Transmission Rebuilding
  • ManualTransmission Rebuilding
  • Brake Inspection and Repair
  • Clutch Replacement and Service
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange
  • Automatic Transmission Filter and Gasket Replacement
  • Automatic Transmission Drain & Fill
  • Transmission Repair
  • Problem Analysis
  • Certified Repair and Maintenance
  • Differential Service and Repair
  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
  • Electrical/Electronic Systems Diagnosis and Repair
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Service
  • Diesel Repair
  • Performance and Durability Upgrades
  • Tune-Up
  • Engine Repair
  • Suspension and Steering



What type of maintenance does my transmission need?
Newer model vehicles require fluid and filter changes at regular intervals depending on how often and how far you drive. Our technicians will test drive and also check for any leaks and other possible abnormalities.

What are signs that I need transmission repair?
There may be hesitation when changing gears or the gears may change too rapidly. There may be leaking fluid or your check engine light may be on.

Is there anything that would require my vehicle to be serviced more often than usual?
Heavy-duty trucks, ie tow trucks; any type of performance vehicle and race cars, any severe driving conditions. If your car or truck has overheated, a transmission service should be performed.

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Engine Repair

Every engine has different needs and it is important to ensure you are maintaining your engine in good condition. At Tom's Transmission and Auto Service, our expert technicians have the experience to help you out. Schedule an appointment in the following link http://tomstrans.com/appointment/ for more information or to schedule an appointment onlne


Factory Schedule Maintenance

Sure, your car maybe brand new. Sure, you bought it less than two years ago and it still has that new car smell. Sure, you consistently change the oil and fluids in it. All these things can be true, but that does not mean you should ever skip that factory scheduled maintenance in Canyon Country, CA.

It may seem like a pain in the neck to take care of such a minor maintenance, but it’s not when you come to Tom’s Transmission & Auto Service. Since opening their doors in 1978, father and son team, Tom and Brian, have dedicated their professional lives to educating themselves and experiencing anything and everything when it comes to auto repair and maintenance. They are the number one choice for a seamless service when it comes to a factory scheduled maintenance in Canyon Country, CA. Upkeep to your car is not only taking care of roadside hazards and the gradual wear and tear, but making sure your vehicle is being inspected and maintenance regularly. This only assists in making sure your car’s lifespan lasts for many more years and miles than expected. Factory scheduled maintenance in Canyon Country, CA is put in place for a reason.

At Tom’s Transmission & Auto Service, they hit every point of inspection that your specific factory manufacturer calls for. Factory scheduled maintenance in Canyon Country, CA covers and inspects a wide array of systems in your vehicle including brakes, transmission, engine, fluids, electrical, air conditioning, lights, latches, windows, mirrors, exhaust, and much more. When you bring your vehicle to Tom’s, it is a seamless and simple service.

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Get ready for The 2018 FIFA World Cup!

Waiting for your favorite team to play? Do not miss The FIFA World Cup even if you are on your way to work, to the store, or you are going on a road trip.
Make sure your car is up to date with your vehicle's maintenance so you can enjoy it even more!
Bringing your vehicle to Tom's Transmission and Auto Service is the best choice you can make if you want a complimentary maintenance inspection to make sure everything is working well with your vehicle.

Don't miss any game of The 2018 FIFA World Cup and support your favorite team wherever you are, with the A/C on, good brakes, and a good transmission.


Be Ready for Summer Season!

As the weather gets warmer you worry about lots of things, but one of your priorities should be your vehicle. As the season change, your car goes through a lot of changes too. Now is a good time to make sure you are up to date with your vehicle's maintenance to keep it in good conditions for those summer trips to the beach.

What do you need to check?
  • Oil. Oil change isn’t something to take lightly since clean oil is necessary for your engine’s performance.
  • Tires. Roads tend to change depending on the place you are going too, and some of them may affect your tires. Don't forget to test your tire pressure to make sure there’s no over-inflation that occurred when the weather was colder.
  • Test your battery. As you may know, cold weather affects your battery and stops your car from starting. Check to make sure your battery is clean and properly mounted, and replace it if necessary.
  • Check your A/C. Your air conditioning probably hasn’t been used in a few months. Test it out to detect any issues before the warmer weather gets here and you’re left sweating on the way to the nearest auto center.
If your vehicle is in need of a/c repair, an oil change, or any other service to get it ready for summer, give us a call at Tom's Transmission and Auto Service: (661) 251-3438. Our expert technicians will take care of your vehicle.

Schedule an appointment online, and we’ll be glad to help you get your car ready for this summer. click on the following link to redirect you to our appointment page



Sumer season is here, make sure your A/C system is ready to keep you cool all season long!

Coming to Tom's Transmission and Auto Service and getting a complimentary maintenance inspection will save you both money and time. When auto air conditioning systems break down, refrigerant leaks. Leaking refrigerant can damage your vehicle's evaporator and compressor. Don't wait until last minute and let us help you before the damage spreads!

All AC repair and AC services are handled by our ASE-certified technicians. Your car is in good hands with these expert auto technicians, and they will examine your car's A/C system to see if there is a leak and if there is, they'll stop it in their tracks before it can affect anything else.