The first week of the year is about to end! Here is a list of some of the things we do at Tom's Transmission and Auto Service!

Auto Repair
Automatic Transmission Rebuilding
ManualTransmission Rebuilding
Brake Inspection and Repair
Clutch Replacement and Service
Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange
Automatic Transmission Filter and Gasket Replacement
Automatic Transmission Drain & Fill
Transmission Repair
Problem Analysis
Certified Repair and Maintenance
Differential Service and Repair
Factory Scheduled Maintenance
Electrical/Electronic Systems Diagnosis and Repair
Routine Maintenance
Heating and Air Conditioning Service
Diesel Repair
Performance and Durability Upgrades
Engine Repair
Suspension and Steering

Any questions? visit our official website for more information! start this year with the right foot!


Day 7/365

We all know that we love traveling, road trips, going out with family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, pets, our whoever we feel comfortable with. But do we ever stop to think about all the needs of our vehicles?

Like many of us, vehicles have needs. So for the safety of that special someone and yourself, make sure to check the air filter, check the fluids and tire pressure, check the battery, get the tires rotated and balanced if necessary, check the windshields and the wipers, ensure the working of the cooling system, and finally but not least, make sure the brakes are working good enough for a trip.

If you have any questions, call us at  (661)251-3438, send us an email at TomsTrans@gmail.com, or book an appointment online at http://tomstrans.com/appointment/


January 2019

It's 2019 already, isn't crazy how fast 2018 went by?
This year like any other we have new resolutions, new goals, and new plans. However, sometimes the costs of a car repair might ruin some of those plans and things don't come out as we wanted them. So remember, before any damage is spread, bring your vehicle for a complete vehicle inspection to Tom's Transmission and Auto Service, we will be happy to help you fix those car or truck issues so that your vehicle is ready to go this year!


Welcome 2019

2019 it's just a few hours away!
From all the Tom's Transmission and Auto Service team we want to thank you for all your loyalty and trust. We hope to be your #1 auto shop and stay tuned for all the specials coming up this new year.

Have a great New Years Eve with all your loved ones and Happy New Year 2019 from Tom's Transmission and Auto Service.



Winter Break is almost over for our children, in a few weeks they'll be back to college or back to work. Either way, Don't wait till the last minute! costs will increase, and auto shops will have a full schedule to care about your needs and car issues.

At Tom's Transmission and Auto Service, we like to work on an appointment basis so that you get full attention from our experts and you get the answers you deserve to your vehicle problems. However, you can always walk-in, and don't forget there are always specials on our page, check them out!

Visit http://tomstrans.com/ to schedule an appointment, or redeem some specials!



"Saw this clip still being used at the Santa Clarita building department when he was there. He couldn't believe it".

About 30 years ago, before Brian took over the family business and Tom was still the owner, he gave this clip as a gratitude gift for choosing Tom's Transmission & Auto Service. On July 24th, 2018, we received an email with this picture showing the clip still being used in the building department. We all know that most people, throw things away when it comes to gifts from shops and they replace it with something of their own company or shops. But keeping our clip in the Santa Clarita Building Department after so many years means a lot to us since it shows that people recognize the effort we put into our work and demonstrates how happy and satisfy our customers are with the results of our expert technicians at Tom's Transmission & Auto Service.

Thank you to everyone for keep choosing Tom's Transmission & Auto Service.


Heater and A/C

A vehicle's air conditioning (A/C) system cools the air in your vehicle, and the heater warms it up. Without the heating and air conditioning systems in today’s vehicles, we wouldn't all be willing to drive while freezing during the winter season or melting under the warm summer heat.

The heater in your car is basically a smaller version of your cooling system's radiator. Hot engine coolant is circulated through a small radiator, often times called a heater core. A fan is positioned in front of the heater core to blow cold outside air over the fins. As this air travels over the heater core, it heats up and becomes the hot air which blows out your heater vents.

Like your engines cooling system radiator, the heater core can suffer some of the same issues. If the heater core becomes clogged with rust or sludge, you will no longer have heat. Also, leaks can cause a cabin full of white steam and really mess up your windows. If you are able to smell the coolant when your heater is on, then there is a chance you have a small leak in the heater core. Sometimes, the heater core is buried under the dashboard, and replacing it, is a major job since it takes time and the costs increases.

The air conditioning system in your car is comprised of a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. If you have ever used a can of compressed air to clean computer components, you will know that the bottle gets very cold in a short amount of time. This is due to the rapid expansion of compressed gas. The same thing happens in your car’s air conditioning system. The refrigerant is compressed in the compressor and turns into a hot gas. In the condenser, this hot gas is cooled to a liquid state and travels to the expansion valve. As the Freon goes through the expansion valve it returns to a low-pressure gas and rapidly cools in the evaporator.