Brake Repair

When it comes to brake repair in Canyon Country, CA, there could be a number of issues that are causing the problem. You might need shoe replacement. Your brake fluid lines might be bleeding or leaking. It could be a major issue with the cylinders that pump the fluid. It could also be a number of other random parts that need to be replaced. One thing that is certain, if it is any one of these problems, then your brakes are not working properly and you are in need of brake repair in Canyon Country, CA.

At Tom’s Transmission & Auto Service they care about the safety of their community in Canyon Country and the surrounding area of Antelope Valley. Ever since opening up in 1978 by father, Tom, then passed on to his son Brian, they have held themselves to the highest of standards when it comes to supplying their customers with the services rendered. Their name might say transmission in it, but what it does say is that they are the leading experts in brake repair in Canyon Country, CA. You need a team that knows brakes and can diagnose exactly which part of the system is not performing at its peak ability. You and your passenger’s safety relies on it.

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  1. I cannot stress enough how important it is to wear a face shield AND safety glasses while grinding. remove the sheathing wrap the cable around the car exhaust and attach the clamp to the cable, stranded cables work better giving you a bagillion contact points.