"Saw this clip still being used at the Santa Clarita building department when he was there. He couldn't believe it".

About 30 years ago, before Brian took over the family business and Tom was still the owner, he gave this clip as a gratitude gift for choosing Tom's Transmission & Auto Service. On July 24th, 2018, we received an email with this picture showing the clip still being used in the building department. We all know that most people, throw things away when it comes to gifts from shops and they replace it with something of their own company or shops. But keeping our clip in the Santa Clarita Building Department after so many years means a lot to us since it shows that people recognize the effort we put into our work and demonstrates how happy and satisfy our customers are with the results of our expert technicians at Tom's Transmission & Auto Service.

Thank you to everyone for keep choosing Tom's Transmission & Auto Service.

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